I Neelmani Sharma Jyotish acharya
have devoted more than fifteen years towards Astrology and
experience has been vivid, emotional, touching and an eye-opener in every aspect of life. I am
prejudiced by B.V.Raman's concept in Astrology, as its very scientific and fundamental.

To understand the beautiful blend of Astrology, Karma; Exploring the ultimate
question of the extent of fate in one's life, through serving people with various problems
faced by them.

Philosophy : I am of strong faith that Astrology is a real science and is capable of unfolding
unknown horizons of one's life and character. Karma, is of utmost importance and nothing can Be achieved without it. In my opinion, Astrology provides direction to your Karma to optimize

My Educational Background:

• B.A. - Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science and History from Kanpur University

• M.A. - Hindi from Kanpur University

• M.A. - Vedic Astrology (English) from Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith

• Diploma - Vaastu Shastra (English) from Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith


Presently, I have a set-up of my own and have been practicing Astrology & Vastu for about ten years in 'Neelmani's Jyotish Kendra' situated in a Commercial Complex, Gurgaon, Haryana.
I have also been associated with many clients across countries.
My work-area also covers, being an Astrology-Yearly Horoscopeant to several Export Houses. I was involved with Global Projects, Vedic Society in United Kingdom (UK).
Apart from various projects, I have been in touch with people through various other mediums;
Forecasts, Articles (Magazines); Sadhna Channel (Television).