Sade Sati Horoscope

The transit of Saturn in 12th hsouse. 1st house and 2nd house from the radical moon has significance and it goes under the technical name of SADE SATI or 7 and ½ years.

This particular period is dreaded by many as highly malefic; unless the ruling period is powerful, the native of the horoscope is bound to suffer unexpected miseries. The result produced during SADE SATI may be summarised as:

  • Quarrels and misunderstanding

  • Litigation

  • Change of place

  • Failure of business

  • Sickness

  • Mental worry

One having good longevity can come under the sway of SADE SATI thrice in his lifetime.

Generally during first SADE SATI time, most of the above results will manifest, the second time, no evil results will occur while during the third time, serious illness of the native is inevitable.

Apart from this, SADE SATI does not always give bad results. They can differ from person to person, according to the strength of the horoscope.

This Report Will Cover:

  • 1) The strength and weakness of horoscope in the aspect of SADE SATI

  • 2) Effect of SADE SATI in your horoscope – Career, Wealth, Marital life, domestic life, children, health

  • 3) Remedies

  • 4) Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa

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