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The word ‘Vastu” is derived from the Sanskrit ‘dhatu vase’ which means to live. So, Vastu Shastra is the science which deals with the layout of the site and the building to be constructed.

The main objective of this Shastra is to make humanity live in as perfect harmony as possible with mother nature.
This Shastra was given to us by Maharishis.

Effects of the directions are as Under:




Bring in wealth


Bring wealth from many sources


Wealth, long life & fame


If lower than south-west; it is good


Sickness & poverty


Long sickness, premature death


ILL health & loss of children


If lower than North-East; it is causes illness and rivalry

Most important points for your building/factory:

  • 1 The main door be the biggest and the exit door the smallest

  • 2 Have your building away from the compound walls and allow more space for North and East

  • 3 Two shutter door are best

  • 4 Have the building built atleast three feet away the road level

  • 5 Keep the centre of the building and the centre of the plot free from any loads, beam , pillars, wells etc

  • This report will cover any five questions related to Vastu along with remedies.


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